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First look: Eagles-Cardinals

January, 11, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

No. 6 Philadelphia Eagles (11-6-1) at No. 4 Arizona Cardinals (11-7), Sunday, 3 p.m. ET

The Eagles and Cardinals won nine games apiece in the regular-season, but that doesn't matter anymore. They were at their best when they had to be.

The Eagles have to be feeling a ton of confidence, in part, because they destroyed the Cardinals at home on Thanksgiving. Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson will not let Larry Fitzgerald beat him. You will see him get jammed at the line of scrimmage and he'll be shaded over the top by Brian Dawkins or Quintin Mikell.

The Panthers allowed Kurt Warner too much time in the pocket. The Eagles will use safety blitzes to throw Warner off rhythm. The Eagles beat the Giants with a sub par game from Brian Westbrook. Donovan McNabb made clutch throws -- especially the one on third-and-20. Going 7 of 14 on third down was a big part of why the Eagles won.

McNabb on Third Down
  First Half Second Half
Comp-Att 1-4 4-6
Pass Yards 6 51
TD-Int 0-1 0-0
First Downs 1 3
Passer Rating 0 93.1
Despite the economy being in the tank, Eagles fans will find a way to take over Glendale. The Cardinals' ticket office better come up with a plan because the Eagles will try to take over the stadium.

The Cardinals have been a nice story, but the Eagles seem to be a team of destiny.

As Mikell told me after the game, "we're playing with house money."

The Cardinals aren't going to slow down the Eagles at this point. The Eagles will have to make a cross-country flight, but I think that angle is overrated. The Eagles can beat any team, anywhere right now. They've already beaten the Steelers and Cardinals. And they'd love a rematch with the Ravens.

First look: Eagles-Cardinals

January, 11, 2009

Posted by's Mike Sando

No. 6 Philadelphia Eagles (11-6-1) at No. 4 Arizona Cardinals (11-7), Sunday, 3 p.m. ET

Another week, another chance for the Cardinals to avenge a regular-season defeat against one of its regular-season conquerors -- this time with a Super Bowl berth at stake.

The Cardinals caught a break when the Eagles defeated the top-seeded Giants in the divisional round, sending the NFC Championship Game to University of Phoenix Stadium. Home-field advantage will arm the Cardinals with additional confidence and a better chance at advancing. But this matchup remains a potentially difficult one for Arizona.

We take a quick look at five challenges facing the Cardinals:

1. Stop pressure up the middle.

The Panthers' best pass rusher, Julius Peppers, applies most of his pressure from the outside. The Eagles are tougher across their defensive line. They have the ability to generate pressure up the middle, where the Cardinals have sometimes been vulnerable.

The fastest way to make Kurt Warner appear 37 years old is to pressure him up the middle. The Eagles have the potential to apply that type of pressure with their linemen and with blitzes. The Cardinals need a strong game in pass protection from their interior offensive linemen and their running backs.

2. Containing Brian Westbrook.

The Cardinals have played strong run defense against top running backs over the last two weeks. The Eagles' Westbrook is more elusive than the Falcons' Michael Turner and far more of a receiving threat than Turner or the Panthers' DeAngelo Williams.

Arizona has vastly improved its tackling in the playoffs. The trend must continue. The Cardinals must become gang-tacklers. Failing to finish even one play against Westbrook could expose Arizona to a game-changing play.

3. Defeating the Eagles' aggressive coverage.

Philadelphia cornerbacks Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuel relish taking receivers out of their comfort zones with aggressive tactics. Brian Dawkins is one of the most intimidating safeties in the game. Receivers tend to hear his footsteps, leading to lapses in concentration.

Dawkins forced Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin to fumble during the Eagles' 48-20 victory over Arizona on Thanksgiving Day. The Cardinals are a different team this time around. They won't be traveling on a short week, as they were then, and the stakes are much higher.

A hamstring injury has slowed Boldin recently. Even if he doesn't play, this game provides the Cardinals' receivers a chance to prove themselves against the best. Arizona dropped five passes when the teams played on Thanksgiving.

The Cardinals have to like their chances playing at home. The Eagles, having defeated the Vikings and Giants in successive weeks, have to like their chances against the lowest-seeded division winner.

Both defenses have the ability to force turnovers. The Cardinals are 10-0 this season when they finished tied or ahead in turnover differential. Warner, under frequent pressure when the teams met in November, tossed three interceptions in that game.

The turnover stat will likely determine whether the Cardinals make the first Super Bowl appearance in team history.


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