Joseph Fauria will decide whether or not to have surgery soon


ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Joseph Fauria is waiting one more week before making a decision whether or not to have surgery on his injured ankle that eventually ended his 2014 season.

Fauria said it was his decision to put off either having surgery or going the strict rehabilitation route because he wanted to enjoy the holidays after he was placed on injured reserve on Dec. 10. Now, he’s waiting on one more opinion next week before deciding which route he is going to go.

“It remains to be seen,” Fauria said. “We’re making a decision what I’m going to do for rehab in the next week.”

The last opinion he is waiting on is an important one, though. Fauria said he is planning on seeing Dr. Quinn Fauria, a podiatrist at the Foot and Ankle Institute of the West in Valley Village, California, before making his decision. Quinn Fauria is Joseph Fauria’s uncle.

“I’m going to ask him as a doctor and also as my uncle and also as a former player what to do, how to be smart,” Joseph Fauria said. “He knows me the best and we’ll see.”

Fauria struggled to stay on the field this season as he dealt with ankle injuries all season long, limiting him to seven games and six catches for 74 yards and a touchdown. Those numbers were dwarfed by his rookie season production, when the 6-foot-7 tight end had 18 catches for 207 yards and seven touchdowns.

The Lions have three tight ends signed to the roster for the 2015 season: Fauria, Brandon Pettigrew and Eric Ebron.