NFL Nation: Jason King

Posted by's Mike Sando

NFL training camps bring hope and anxiety as teams worry about injuries altering the trajectories of their seasons.

If Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck aggravates the disc problem in his back, then what? Even rival teams' fans acknowledged Hasselbeck's health as a key variable in the division when I asked which NFC injuries scared them the most.

"Hasselbeck and the overall health of Seattle's o-line have to be No. 1," DWRinAZ wrote.

49ers fan redng0ld singled out San Francisco right tackle Marvel Smith's back situation as pivotal in the division. "If he stays healthy," redng0ld wrote, "we got ourselves a Pro Bowl-caliber RT. If not, we got Adam Snyder, who is not much more than a versatile backup."

"Has to be Steven Jackson," Rams fan Casey Schneider wrote. "'Spags' [Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo] is committed to the run and we don't have a lot of depth behind Jackson."

"Why is Kurt Warner not being mentioned here?" joe_cool585 asked.

He's on the list, Joe.

As promised, ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell has delivered. We spent more than an hour on the phone Tuesday analyzing key injury situations in the division. Her experience as a physical therapist, board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist and certified strength and conditioning coach helped establish more clearly defined expectations.

And now, on to the injury analysis, grouped by team:

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