Power Rankings not kind to N.Y. Giants

Our four esteemed ESPN.com panelists spent hours breaking down film of those preseason finales to come up with this week's Power Rankings. And fans of the New York Giants won't be happy with the results. For no apparent reason (other than the third preseason game) the voters dropped them from 16th to 19th in this week's rankings.

NFC West blogger Mike Sando has brought transparency to the voting process with his weekly "How the voters voted" entry. This allows you, the valued reader, to channel your anger in the appropriate direction -- toward Hall of Famer John Clayton. Now let's take a team-by-team glance at how the Beast teams stack up in the all-important Power Rankings, which are devoured by NFL owners and general managers. As we speak, it's likely that Giants GM Jerry Reese has assigned someone to hang a copy of the rankings in the team's locker room.

Dallas Cowboys: No. 4 -- This is right where the Cowboys were in the last edition of the ESPN.com Power Rankings a few weeks ago. Clayton, who has championed the NFC East's cause in my sad absence from the voting process, had the Cowboys ranked second overall. But he was canceled out by the cruel votes of AFC bloggers Paul Kuharsky and James Walker.

Philadelphia Eagles: No. 15 -- Apparently someone actually liked what the Eagles accomplished in the preseason since the panel moved them up two spots from the previous rankings. Perhaps the Stacy Andrews trade empowered the voters to embrace this offensive line. Kuharsky has fallen hard for quarterback Kevin Kolb and this offense with a No. 11 ranking, but the young man from the AFC North, Walker, had the Eagles at an appalling 18th. Please send your notes of encouragement to the AFC North "comments" section.

Washington Redskins: No. 17 -- I've recommended that each panelist have his voting rights suspended until next Tuesday for making this error in judgment. And it was noted Skins apologist John "The Professor" Clayton leading the way with a 14th-place vote. The Redskins and Packers made the biggest leap from the previous rankings.

New York Giants: No. 19 -- Did you guys see this coming? The panel dropped the Giants three spots based on their preseason performance. I have the Giants going to the Super Bowl, so someone's obviously wrong. At least Walker was in the ballpark with a No. 16 ranking, but Mike Sando showed Tom Coughlin's men no respect with a No. 21 ranking. I've used every one of Sando's databases to try and figure out his reasoning. At this point, I've come up empty.

Thoughts? Concerns?