Revisiting West itinerary from Giants-49ers

2012 NFC West Itinerary

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Good morning and welcome to Week 6 on the NFC West blog.

I'll be heading over to Candlestick Park shortly to cover the San Francisco 49ers' NFC Championship Game rematch against the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

The plan will be to watch the St. Louis Rams' early kickoff at Miami on one of the monitors inside the Candlestick press box. The Buffalo-Arizona and New England-Seattle games will begin about 20 minutes before the Giants-49ers game, so there should be a chance to watch those games begin, at least.

Things get a little tricky once all three games are running simultaneously. I'll be watching the Giants-49ers game and participating in a related chat while trying to monitor the other games from afar. You can expect the usual "wrap-up" items to post once the games are completed, provided they finish before the Giants-49ers game, which seems likely in the absence of overtime.

The chart shows NFC West schedules. I've bolded and underlined games I've attended, expect to attend or hope to attend. Plans can change based on factors such as how the teams are playing, what's at stake, whether ESPN has others assigned to the game, etc.

It's tougher picking which game to attend now that the division has four teams above .500. The next week will be a busy one as I'm headed back to San Francisco for the Seahawks-49ers game Thursday night, followed a couple days later by a trip to St. Louis for the Green Bay Packers-Rams game in the Edward Jones Dome. This will mark my first Rams game of the season; it feels overdue.