NFL Nation: Seahawks-Texans

Wrap-up: Texans 34, Seahawks 7

December, 13, 2009

The way Seattle performs in December will surely influence how the organization proceeds into an important offseason.

This performance against Houston suggested the Seahawks might need more than just a few tweaks.

Seattle has seldom appeared so incompetent against an average opponent. Watching medical personnel lift injured first-round rookie Aaron Curry onto a motorized cart made the experience even more regrettable for an organization that has now lost 21 of its last 30 regular-season games.

The Seahawks return home to face the Bucs in Week 15. They will probably win that game. But when the organization decides how to proceed in hiring a general manager and upgrading the roster, this performance against the Texans should remain in the decision makers' minds. There can be no excuse or rationalization for what happened at Reliant Stadium.

Seattle allowed a 64-yard touchdown pass on the first play from scrimmage. On offense, the Seahawks opened the game with Matt Hasselbeck getting drilled, Chris Spencer and Hasselbeck botching a snap, and tackle Ray Willis committing the first of multiple penalties.

The offensive line, tight ends and running backs appeared overmatched and unprepared for the Texans' pass rush, which is not known as a fearsome one.

One sack featured tight end John Carlson as the only person blocking Texans defensive end Mario Williams. Another sack featured Williams slipping through the line untouched, as if the Seahawks had not accounted for him. Hasselbeck had trouble avoiding punishment even when he threw immediately, as was the case when linebacker DeMeco Ryans popped through untouched and blasted the quarterback.

On defense, the Seahawks watched Matt Schaub pass for 336 yards and two touchdowns in the first half.

On special teams, Curry drew a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness with a cheap shot on return specialist Jacoby Jones.

This was one forgettable performance the Seahawks should not forget. They need to learn from it.

Hawks hold Schaub under 400 in half

December, 13, 2009
Jim Mora might have just set an NFL record for a head coach with his Usain Bolt imitation at halftime.

I've never seen a head coach run off the field as quickly as Mora did a few minutes ago. He was sprinting faster than some of his players appeared to move while falling behind, 24-7.

This should be one heck of a halftime pep talk.

Mora just watched Texans quarterback Matt Schaub complete 24 of 28 passes for 336 yards and two touchdowns in two quarters.

What a joke.

What lifeless showing means for Seattle

December, 13, 2009
Four quarters is a long time. Perhaps the Seahawks can fight their way back from a 17-0 deficit to Houston after one quarter.

But if Seattle continues to perform at this level, the organization might need to think about a more extensive overhaul this offseason.

(The Texans have extended their lead to 24-0 since I started typing this entry.)

Houston is taking out its frustrations on Seattle after a disappointing stretch. The Seahawks appear to lack urgency beyond what coach Jim Mora is showing with his sideline tantrums.

This performance reflects negatively on Mora, the assembled talent and overall team leadership.

A few offseason tweaks might not be enough to fix what this type of showing suggests is wrong with Seattle.

Curry adding to dirty reputation

December, 13, 2009
Seahawks coach Jim Mora wants his team to show some toughness.

The late hit linebacker Aaron Curry just delivered following a punt return clearly crossed the line. Jacoby Jones was going nowhere when Curry ran over and drilled him late.

Rams running back Steven Jackson would probably say, "Told ya so."

At his best, Curry gives Seattle a needed edge. But when he goes too far, as he did on this play, Curry looks like a bad guy.