What took so long with Holmgren?

The initial reaction to Mike Holmgren meeting with the Cleveland Browns to discuss their vacant front-office position is simple.

It's about time.

Why this meeting didn't take place weeks earlier is somewhat baffling. Holmgren flat out said he was interested in Cleveland, and the former Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers coach fits the criteria of a "credible" leader Browns owner Randy Lerner discussed in November.

If Cleveland plans to make a hire before the end of the regular season, Holmgren is probably the team's only choice. A majority of other qualified candidates are working hard for their teams during this stretch run, and many will be involved in the playoffs, which doesn't help Cleveland (2-11).

As the Browns continue to talk with Holmgren, here are some key questions that probably are being discussed:

  • Does Holmgren want complete power to run the organization? That includes final say over the roster and the ability to fire and hire coaches.

  • What are Holmgren's thoughts on Browns coach Eric Mangini? Can the two coexist, or would Holmgren want someone else to coach Cleveland next season?

  • Where does Seattle fit in this equation? The Seahawks have a similar position open that Holmgren is interested in. Is he using the Browns to create leverage, or does Holmgren legitimately want to work in Cleveland?

It should be an interesting few weeks for the Browns. Holmgren would be a solid hire for Cleveland if the team can close the deal.