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 Chris Morrison-US PRESSWIRE
 San Francisco running back Frank Gore stumbled on his way to the end zone in the final moments against the Cardinals on Monday night.

Posted by's Mike Sando

To hear coach Mike Singletary and offensive coordinator Mike Martz tell it, the San Francisco 49ers got a raw deal Monday night.

In reality, the 49ers might have been better off with ESPN's Mike Tirico and Ron Jaworski managing the final four seconds of their 29-24 defeat to the Arizona Cardinals.

There can be no other reasonable conclusion after a careful deconstruction of the facts.

To the 49ers' credit, they acknowledged mistakes that let precious seconds run off the clock prior to the final four ticks. But if those final four seconds raised questions about the 49ers' game-management skills, the subsequent explanations from Singletary and Martz validated those questions, and then some.

Before we count the ways, let's consider the facts leading up to Michael Robinson's failed 1-yard run on the final play.

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