NFL Nation: Tim Tebow to New York

For all the pressure the outside media and fans are putting on New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, the pair appear to be fine so far on the practice field.

The latest case of good harmony is the New York Daily News report of Sanchez inviting Tebow to his "Jets West" passing camp. Tebow, in an effort to get better, accepted the invite.

The fact that Sanchez invited his backup, who is pushing him for the starting job, to his passing camp is a sign that Sanchez is inspired, not threatened.

There is always potential for a quarterback controversy in New York this year. Sanchez (25) and Tebow (24) are nearly the same age. Both are former first-round picks and have won playoff games early in their careers. If Sanchez doesn't perform early, the pressure to play Tebow will be immense.

But despite the various criticisms, one thing you cannot deny is the high character of Sanchez and Tebow. Both players are hard workers and have a big will to win. Making the Jets a playoff team again, first and foremost, is what's driving both quarterbacks to improve.

The Jets anticipated the "Tebow effect" would be good for Sanchez when they made the trade. So far the team is correct.

We have yet another example of Tebow-mania running wild in New York.

In Sports Illustrated's "Monday Morning Quarterback," Peter King counted the words at the five biggest newspapers in New York during last week's organized team activities. The two biggest stories last week were Tim Tebow's debut with the Jets and Giants No. 1 receiver Hakeem Nicks' foot injury in practice.

Nicks' injury is a big one that might cause the stud receiver to miss the beginning of the regular season for the defending Super Bowl champs. The amount dedicated to the story, according to King, was 2,104 words. In contract, Tebow's first practice had 6,971 words, more than three times the media coverage.

In my journalistic opinion, Nicks' injury is a bigger story. He's a top impact player for the reigning champs, and the injury will take months to recover. Tebow will have plenty of other practices, but he moves the needle and sells papers.

It's clear what the New York media is doing. But now it's your turn. How much coverage do you think Tebow should get in the AFC East blog?

On one hand, Tebow is a backup quarterback. Other the other hand, he's one of the most well-known athletes in sports. So I'm curious to hear what our community thinks of this polarizing topic.
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was not given a warm welcome at Yankee Stadium this weekend. Tebow reportedly was booed in front of the baseball-dominated crowd, along with NBA star Dwyane Wade, Sunday during a game between the Yankees and Los Angeles Angeles.


What do you make of Yankee fans booing Tim Tebow during an appearance at Sunday's game?


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Tebow is one of the most polarizing athletes in sports, but he's also one of the most popular. Just recently, Tebow drew about 15,000 people to a speaking engagement on Easter Sunday in Texas. A couple in Florida also paid $100,000 to spend a day with Tebow, further confirming his popularity.

So why did Tebow receive a not-so-warm welcome in the Bronx? Surely, there were New York Giants fans in the house Sunday night. After all, New York is a Giants town, not a Jets town.

But here's the one thing that's consistent about New York sports fans: You have to earn their respect. No athlete is given a free pass in the Big Apple, and Tebow won't be the exception. He will be cheered on the football field in New York once he helps the Jets win games.
New Jets quarterback Tim Tebow just stepped foot in New York, and he's already in the middle of an ugly court battle between Nike and Reebok.

Is this early signs of trouble for Tebow in New York?

These is what happens when you mix one of the NFL's most popular athletes and the country's biggest media market. This is not just Tebowmania. It will be Tebowmania on steroids.

Nike and Reebok are two of the world's biggest athletic apparel companies. They have been relatively peaceful for a while, despite being direct competitors.

But Tebowmania is strong enough to change all that. According to court documents, Nike is upset and suing Reebok for cashing in on Tebow-related merchandise after his trade to the Jets. A judge put a temporary restraining order on Reebok while this case is being settled.

Granted, this has nothing to do with Tebow's performance on the field. But is just the beginning of the potentially endless list of distractions the Jets inherited with Tebow. Never has an athlete with so much class, good will and high character brought such a circus to one team.

In terms of distractions, Nike and Reebok are just getting the Tebow train started. There certainly is more to come.

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