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 Leon Washington scored on runs of 61 and 4 yards in the fourth quarter.

Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- If the New York Jets do their part, the Jets and Titans will square off again in the postseason, according to Keith Bulluck.

"That's up to them," Tennessee's veteran linebacker said. "I know where we're going to be."

Up until Sunday, the Titans had been able to survive their share of bad stretches, dropped passes and failed third downs on both offense and defense. Against the Jets, all the things they'd been negotiating around piled up and became insurmountable in a 34-13 loss.

Give a Brett Favre-led offense 40:30 in time of possession ("Yikes," Bulluck said when he learned that number), allow a season-worst 192 yards rushing and score all of three points when the outcome is in doubt and odds are not in your favor.

"They executed their game plan a lot better than we did ours," nickel back Vincent Fuller said. "...The feeling sucks and I think us winning shouldn't be taken for granted, it's bad. It wasn't a goal to be undefeated. Definitely we appreciate being able to win the first 10 games of the season."

Fifteen minutes after swallowing their first loss of the season, the Titans had little choice but to concede the obvious -- that they weren't close to being the best team over 60 minutes.

"They put up 30 and we're used to giving up 12," Bulluck said. "When a team puts that many points up, they're doing something right. You can't say anything bad about what they did. The Jets are a good football team."

"If you watched that whole game," cornerback Chris Carr said, "you know the team that deserved to win was the Jets because they outplayed us all day."

The Titans have been a team greater than the sum of its parts all season, an equation that makes them somewhat anonymous and somewhat a more likeable group than your average NFL bunch.

But the more they won when they played far less than perfect and the more they talked about how they'd not yet played a complete game, the more it was also clear that they had yet to spit out a dud, a possibility just as likely.

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