NFL Nation: Where Tebow Lands AFC

AFC East: Where Tim Tebow might land

March, 2, 2010
Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is working to refine his throwing motion. Will he play quarterback or some other position in the NFL? Let's assess his chances of landing in the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills: Logic would suggest the Bills have too many needs to draft a project, but they do need a quarterback and have been susceptible to falling for splashy names that might sell tickets. Tebow's greatest asset is his PR factor. The Bills could use a boost there. Buffalo icon Jim Kelly has declared the Bills' need to pursue Tebow, but I'm not sure he's influential enough to orchestrate a draft pick.

Draft probability: Medium.

Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are intriguing because they're the originators of the Wildcat offense. Some scouts believe Tebow has value as a gadget player while he learns how to be a pro-style passer. But the Dolphins made one of those draft picks last year when they took scrambling quarterback Pat White in the second round. The Dolphins can't afford to make that gamble two Aprils in a row, can they?

Draft probability: Low.

New England Patriots: The Patriots are worth considering as a possible landing spot for Tebow. They have only two quarterbacks and, with Tom Brady in his prime, time to develop a raw talent. Patriots coach Bill Belichick showed he can think outside the box last year by drafting Kent State quarterback Julian Edelman and converting him to receiver. So there's that. Plus, Belichick and Florida coach Urban Meyer have a close friendship, leading some to wonder if that would make Belichick more comfortable with Tebow's question marks.

Draft probability: Medium.

New York Jets: For all of the services Tebow can provide, the Jets already have players who do them. They have their quarterback of the future and a loaded QB depth chart. Brad Smith is their gadget player. Dustin Keller is their receiving tight end. Maybe Tebow's off-the-charts intangibles entice Rex Ryan to draft him, then figure out what to do with him later. Move him to safety perhaps? Doubtful, but the Jets have a creative front office, and Tebow sure can capture an imagination.

Draft probability: Low.
Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is working to refine his throwing motion. Will he play QB or some other position in the NFL? Let’s assess his chances of landing in the AFC West.

Denver: The Broncos will likely be looking for a quarterback in the first three rounds. It all depends if Denver coach Josh McDaniels believes he can make Tebow a quality quarterback. There had been speculation in recent months that Tebow could fit in with New England. If that’s the case, he’d fit in with Denver. McDaniels is a Bill Belichick protege who believes in the Patriot Way. Denver is looking for a talent it can develop, but there is no major urgency. That could play into Tebow’s favor because he is going to need time before he is ready to play.

Draft probability: Medium.

Kansas City: Kansas City isn’t necessarily looking for a quarterback. There has been some talk the team could be interested in Jimmy Clausen to reunite him with new Kansas City offensive coordinator and Clausen’s former Notre Dame coach, Charlie Weis. But that’s a unique situation. I don’t see Kansas City looking at quarterbacks with other top picks.

Draft probability: Low.

Oakland: This is an interesting situation. Oakland will likely be looking for a quarterback in the early rounds, and we all know how unpredictable Al Davis is when it comes to the draft. It wouldn’t be a shock at all if Davis went against the grain and took Tebow in the second round. Davis doesn’t care if a player is raw or if he is considered an unfinished product. If Davis thinks a player is a winner, he will strike quickly. Yes, the squeaky clean Tebow doesn’t exactly seem like the perfect Raider, but it could happen. What a great story that would be -– Tebow in the Silver and Black.

Draft probability: Medium.

San Diego: The Chargers are set at quarterback and won't look to draft one.

Draft probability: No chance.
Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is working to refine his throwing motion. Will he play QB or some other position in the NFL? Let's assess his chances of landing in the AFC South.

Houston: Ideally you'd like a backup whose strength matches the starter's. That would be difficult with Tebow in Matt Schaub's offense. The team signed Dan Orlovsky to a pricey backup contract last year, then installed Rex Grossman as the No. 2 when he outplayed Orlovsky in camp. If they are especially active in free agency and whittle down their needs list, maybe they take a late flier on him. But with the crowd at quarterback, versatile Rice tight end James Casey selected in the fifth round last year and a reasonably long list of other priorities, Tebow does not seem like a fit.

Draft probability: Super low.

Indianapolis: A lot of analysts have used the Colts as an example of the sort of team Tebow needs to wind up with. In a stable, winning organization with no quarterback uncertainty, he would have the time to develop and find out whether he's a signal-caller or another niche. That's nice, but the Colts made the rare move of drafting a guy they hope to develop last year in Curtis Painter and then carried three quarterbacks until backup Jim Sorgi got hurt. Dallas Clark is one of the league's top-flight tight ends, and they already have great options out of the slot with Austin Collie and Anthony Gonzalez.

Draft probability: Low.

Jacksonville: The Jaguars drafted a quarterback with a slow wind-up at No. 7 overall in 2003 and Byron Leftwich has been gone a couple of years already. Tons of people automatically put Tebow in Jacksonville because he's a local guy who would be a huge story. But the Jaguars are not going to let their marketing people make their picks. They've swung and missed at a lot of Florida guys. They don't have a second-round pick because they traded it last year for a third-rounder (Derek Cox). They spent a sixth-rounder on quarterback-turned-tight end Zach Miller in 2009 and second-year GM Gene Smith needs another talented class that can contribute right away. All strikes against Tebow in my eyes. If he is to land in Jacksonville, it would have to be in the fourth round or later.

Draft probability: Low.

Tennessee: The Titans could well be in the market for a young backup to develop into an insurance policy behind Vince Young, but because they're dealing with a starter who's not a traditional pocket passer, I'd sure hope they'd think about a traditional pocket passer. If Tebow is to become some sort of H-back , perhaps he'd fit. But right now the Titans are expected to have Bo Scaife, Jared Cook and Craig Stevens around, with the possibility of Alge Crumpler too. The Titans have a lot of roster replenishing to do and lack a second-rounder from the trade that brought them Cook.

Draft probability: Low.
Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is working to refine his throwing motion. Will he play QB or some other position in the NFL? Let's assess his chances of landing in the AFC North.

Baltimore Ravens: Expect the Ravens to at least listen to offers for backup quarterback Troy Smith. If the right deal is out there that benefits Baltimore, the team will not hesitate to make the move. That may open up the possibility to add another backup quarterback, but certainly not in the top half of the draft, which is where Tebow should land. The Ravens also have restricted free agent John Beck, who can step into the No. 2 spot. But the Ravens would lose their Wildcat/Suggs package completely if Smith isn't replaced by another mobile quarterback.

Draft probability: Low

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals considered adding their variation of the Wildcat last year but couldn't find the right person to do it. That could open the door here for Tebow. It's possible new receiver and former college quarterback Matt Jones has that ability, but Jones is a complete unknown at this point after missing all of last season. It also doesn't hurt Tebow that J.T. O'Sullivan and Jordan Palmer aren't necessarily the strongest tandem of backup quarterbacks. Still, adding Tebow to Cincinnati would be more of a luxury than a necessity.

Draft probability: Low

Cleveland Browns: President Mike Holmgren made some headlines last week when he said it's too late to change Tebow's throwing motion. Take that as a strong sign the Browns are not interested in drafting Tebow. The Browns also have a dynamic utility player in Josh Cribbs for trick plays. So there isn't any room for Tebow on the roster unless he wants to play tight end. Cleveland could use a few of those.

Draft probability: No chance

Pittsburgh Steelers: Depending on the future of pending free agent Charlie Batch, the Steelers could be in the market for a third-string quarterback. That's the only chance of Tebow landing in Pittsburgh. Backup Dennis Dixon has solidified his spot as Pittsburgh's No. 2 quarterback after a solid start on the road against Baltimore last season. So unless Tebow's stock drops well below expected, the Steelers probably won't consider him or any quarterback this year unless it's a flier late in the draft.

Draft probability: Low


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