You make the call: Up and down season?

With 57 days to go until the regular season begins, every team has a chance to win.

But in reality, some teams seem to be in better position than others.

Some teams were very busy this offseason trying to upgrade their roster. The San Jose Sharks and Minnesota Wild continuously swapped players. The Florida Panthers and Columbus Blue Jackets made some big signings. And the New York Rangers won the biggest prize of free agency: Brad Richards.

Other teams have been mostly quiet since their season ended. With ownership issues only getting worse in Phoenix, the Coyotes weren't in position to do anything. The Nashville Predators could keep Shea Weber on the team only through arbitration and still have him locked up for just one more season. And, were the Toronto Maple Leafs even trying to make a move?

So now is the chance for you to tell us: Which team is on the rise this season and which is destined to fall?

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Moving Ahead?

Does the addition of Brad Richards make the New York Rangers the most improved team?

Trending Backward?

They finished the season in 14th place in the Eastern Conference, but could this season be even worse for the Islanders?