You make the call: Heated return?

It is always exciting when your team signs a big free agent or makes a notable trade. But it is not as much fun when your team loses a player in free agency or your star player demands a trade.

There were a lot of big moves this offseason, which means a lot of players will face the wrath of angry fans when they return to the city they used to call home wearing the opponents' sweater.

Dany Heatley can now add San Jose to the list of cities (Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg) where fans will be happy to see him struggle.

Jaromir Jagr waited so long to give the Penguins an answer to their contract offer this offseason that the team pulled the offer. Then, Jagr signed with the rival Flyers, so it is unlikely he will have a happy homecoming in Pittsburgh. And I'm sure Capitals' and Rangers' fans are also anxious to greet him.

But now it is time for you to tell us: Which transplanted player will get the worst welcome when he returns to his former rink?

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Not So Welcome ...

It is hard to imagine Jaromir Jagr will feel at home when he plays his first game in Pittsburgh with the Flyers.