Watch: Alex Ovechkin is Mr. Big

"Be big deal like me!"

Alex Ovechkin has become the face of Mr. Big in Canada. The Capitals star will have his face on a chocolate bar and will be in a series of seven commercials. So get ready to see Ovechkin as a ninja with nunchucks and playing football.

Mr. Big is the largest sized chocolate bar produced by Cadbury and are most commonly sold in Canada.

According to the Official Facebook page of Mr. Big: "Only Mr. Big can tell you what's really a Big Deal. And he's got some important life lessons to share. It's because he knows something about standing out. After all, Mr. Big is bigger than the average bar."

As part of the endorsement, fans can enter for a chance to win a trip to Washington, D.C., to meet Ovechkin. The winner gets to spend two hours with Ovechkin either at the front row at Washington Fashion Week; at a restaurant dinner or video arcade session; or having a home cooked meal at Ovechkin's home.