Bettman mum on Blues, Coyotes sales

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- No real update from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on Wednesday when asked about the ownership situations in St. Louis and Phoenix.

"St. Louis continues to be on track for Tom Stillman’s purchase of the club,” Bettman said as the GMs' meetings wrapped up. "I got an update from him as recently as yesterday, and seem to be tracking. Phoenix, and you’ve heard me say this more times than I care to say it, remains a work in progress. There are a number of groups that are engaged in the process and we’re still in close contact with the city.”

The clock is obviously ticking on the Coyotes. The league will not run the team for another season, so either there’s a buyer to keep the team in place or there’s relocation.

"At some point we may have to,” Bettman responded to a question regarding the possibility of the Coyotes moving. "I’m hoping not to get to that point, and I’m not setting a deadline for it.”