Morning Links: Player reactions

Players react to canceled games:

  • Detroit Red Wings' Henrik Zetterberg: “[Gary Bettman] has been saying for a long time that he will cancel [games] if we don’t do all the work. … Right now, it’s take it or leave it from their side. They don’t want to talk if we don’t want to give up a lot of concessions from deals that are already made. They don’t want to honor the contracts we have now.” (mlive.com)

  • Pittsburgh Penguins' Craig Adams: “As far as the [salary] cap goes -- look, everyone says that everything's on the table. So far in our proposals we’ve kept the cap. That’s been our choice because we want to play, get a deal for both sides. But everything is negotiable.” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

  • Tampa Bay Lightning's Martin St. Louis: “For a regular guy, it’s hard. But it’s not so much about the money. It’s about getting a fair deal. Last time, we got hosed. We built the game back up with how hard the guys worked. We’re trying to work in [the owners’] direction. We just don’t see the same coming back our way.”

    Lighting’s Vincent Lecavalier: “I can tell you as a player, we want to get this thing done, but we want a fair deal for both sides.” (Tampa Bay Times)

  • Vancouver Canucks' Cory Schneider: “I think we’d all like to be playing games next week, but they have decided it’s worth cancelling games rather than moving off their proposal. It’s just part of the process. We foresaw that this might happen. I think we’re prepared, but it doesn’t mean we are very pleased with it or happy about it at all.”

    Canucks' Henrik Sedin: “It’s disappointing that it seems like the owners pre-decided there was going to be a lockout and nothing is going to happen.” (The Vancouver Sun)

  • Calgary Flames' Matt Stajan: “If you really look at the owners’ offers, the first one, I wouldn’t consider it an offer. That basically set the tone for the whole negotiations. Their second offer got a little better, but it doesn’t give anything to the players. It’s all based on us giving back everything. We could have done the same thing – say we want 79 percent of hockey related revenue, but we tried to make a fair deal.”

    Flames’ Cory Sarich: “I don’t really care for missing a whole season, but I am about doing what’s right and standing for what I think is right. I fully back what we’re being locked out for. I think there needs to be some changes the way business is done in the NHL.”

    Flames’ Lee Stempniak: “To me, a lockout’s the last resort, and it seems that’s been the NHL’s main negotiation tactic from the start, was to force the players to giving back major concessions.” (Calgary Sun)

  • Phoenix Coyotes' Antoine Vermette: “You try to stay optimistic, but at the same time, there’s a possibility [the lockout] could be long.” (Arizona Republic)

More links:

  • Taylor Hall can sign an AHL contract after the AHL sent out a memo last week stipulation that players who do not require waivers can sign an AHL contract and the contract would be voided if the lockout ended mid-season. (Edmonton Journal)

  • Zetterberg also said Thursday that, for now, he won’t be signing in Europe. He added that Sweden would be a “tough” option to play in because of the insurance and taxes. (Detroit Free Press)

  • Mike Cammalleri surprised bantam A team the Richmond Hill Stars by skating with them at practice on Thursday. (Toronto Star)