Brad Richards helps hurricane victims

Brad Richards showed up for labor talks this week in New York, but he had another purpose for being in the city: helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Photos showed up on Twitter on Saturday of the New York Rangers' forward helping out in Rockaway and Breezy Point. (Check out @mattslongrun and @ktslats)

Earlier in the week, Richards talked to the Tampa Bay Times about what it was like to be in New York after the hurricane and why he and his teammates wanted to help "any way we can."

"When it first happened, being in Manhattan with no power, you didn't really know how bad it was," Richards said. "Now, being down here and seeing it on TV and seeing the stories about people who haven't been helped yet, you can see how widespread the destruction was."

Rangers defenseman Steve Eminger added: "It's not just athletes, celebrities, it's everyone in general. The whole city is pulling together. It's not something we're doing to get our names in the paper, it's just something we're doing."