Welcome to Montreal, Mr. Briere

Daniel Briere got an early look at what it is like playing in Montreal when he was swarmed by reporters at the Canadiens annual charity golf tournament on Tuesday.

Briere said he had been "warned that it was going to be something a little different," but the media attention was still "very impressive," according to the Montreal Gazette.

The lifelong Canadiens fan also talked about how excited he is to play his first home game in Montreal.

“Wearing that jersey, coming out onto the ice will be a big thrill and something that I’ve been thinking about -- not just the last two months -- but something that I’ve always dreamed that I would have the chance to do at some point in my career,” Briere said, according to the report.

The center signed a two-year, $8 million deal with the Canadiens in July. He said he is getting recognized a bit more than he is used to, but it is all part of the game.

“That’s what we play the game for. If nobody recognizes you, it’s not a good sign. I think I’m prepared for it," Briere said, according to the paper.