Injury update: Giroux, Kesler ready for camp

Flyers captain Claude Giroux fully expects to be on the ice opening night with his recovery from a hand injury going smoothly at this point.

"The rehab is going well," Giroux told ESPN.com Friday. "I’m taking the splint off on Monday. The timeline is good; I want to play some preseason games. Right now, it’s just about finding that game shape so that when I’m ready to go, I’m ready to go.

He’s been skating and has remained in shape.

"I’ve been working out pretty hard but, obviously, I can’t lift anything with my right hand. But my left hand is really strong," he joked.

"The doctors are confident that it won’t be hard to get back to 100 percent. We’ve got really good guys in Philly for the rehab."

Kesler excited for season, Olympics

After battling injuries for two years, Team USA center Ryan Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks says he’s 100 percent.

"I just chalk it up to a string of bad luck," Kesler said Friday summing up the last two injury-filled years. "One surgery after another after another ... then breaking my foot; I’ve blocked that shot over 100 times, same shot, it just hit me right. It’s bad luck, that’s it.

"I’m excited now. First training camp in three years. I’m excited for the new coach, excited to see the guys, excited for the outdoor game, excited for the Olympics. There’s a lot to look forward to this year. I’m healthy and I’m ready for it."

Kesler also flashed his sense of humor when asked about how impressive teammate Roberto Luongo has been in dealing with his adversity over the past year, including using Twitter to keep things light.

"I definitely don’t think he’s that witty to be tweeting that, I think somebody is tweeting for him," joked Kesler.

"But he’s handled everything so professionally, you can’t ask for anything else from the guy. He did what was asked of him. He’s extremely professional."