Can't we all just get along, with Green Men?

"It's Not Easy Being Green" (3:28)

NHL censors Green Men of Vancouver Canucks (3:28)

The Green Men under attack? Really?

A complaint was filed with the NHL, asking the Vancouver Canucks' "Super Fans" to tone it down, according to a report from The Canadian Press. There was no immediate word on who filed the grievance.

From The CP:

"Sully and Force, who wear full neon green bodysuits, have been asked to stop touching the glass and doing handstands.

The popular paying fans usually sit close to the Canucks' opponents in downtown Rogers Arena and their act has been described as a circus sideshow."

The complaint comes after the league told a Vancouver car dealer to remove a "Go Canucks Go" sign with the team’s logo because of potential copyright infringement.

Far be it from us to challenge someone's right to file a complaint, but aren't Sully and Force just trying to have fun?

Check out their act here: