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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Tuesday night games hot stats package


All times are ET
Devils (3-0-1) at Bruins (4-0-1) - 7PM
BOS was 4-0-0 vs NJ last season, outscoring them 18-8
BOS has gone 8-1-0 over the past 9 meetings between the teams
Both teams 3-0-0 when they score first
3-0-0 at home, 0/12 on PP
have not allowed a goal in 3rd pd
Hamilton has 3A over past 2 games
1-0-1 on the road, 1/6 on PP
scored 3 or fewer goals in all 4 games
Back to last reg season Brodeur has gone 8-0-1 last 9 starts, .938sv%
Clarkson has 3G, 3A during a 4 game PT streak

Maple Leafs (2-3-0) at Sabres (2-3-0) - 7PM
BUF is 1-0-0 vs TOR this season, winning last week in TOR
BUF was 3-0-0 at home vs TOR last season and have won 10 of past 11 at home vs TOR
Lost 2 straight games, blowing 2G, 2nd pd leads in both
allowed 12G over past 2 games after allowing 5 in first 3 games
outscored 9-4 in 3rd pd
Grabovski (3) has scored in 3 straight games
Kessel 0G on 24 shots, has 0PTS since the season opener
0-3-0 last 3 games, outscored 12-6, 1/12 on PP
1-1-0 at home 6/9 on PK
Pominville has 1G, 1A vs TOR this season, he has 4A in 2 home games
Miller 10-1-0 past 11 starts at home vs TOR, 2.26GAA, .929sv%

Flyers (2-4-0) at Rangers (2-3-0) - 7PM
PHI is 1-0-0 vs NYR this season, winning at home
NYR have won 4 straight at home vs PHI, allowing 4G
2-1-0 past 3 games, 1/13 on PP
won 2 straight at home, scoring 9G
Gaborik (5G, 3A) during a 3 game PT streak
2-1-0 past 3 games, 3/16 on PP
1-3-0 on road, 16/22 on PK
Talbot (2A) over the past 2 games

Islanders (2-2-1) at Penguins (3-2-0) - 730PM
PIT was 4-2-0 vs NYI last season, NYI winning final two meetings
PIT has gone 13-1-0 over their past 14 at home vs NYI, losing last meeting
scored 5G over past 3 games, 1-2-0, 1/11 on PP
outscored opponent 9-1 in 1st pd
Crosby has 6G, 14A over his past 8 home games vs NYI
1-1-1 on road trip, allowing 13G
16/17 on PK this season, 11/12 on the road
Ullstrom (2G, 2A) during a 4 game PT streak

Capitals (1-3-1) at Senators (3-1-1) - 730PM
WSH was 3-1-0 vs OTT last season, OTT winning final meeting
OTT has won 2 of their past 3 meetings at home vs WSH
0-1-1 past 2 games, 1/6 on PP
back to last season 1-2-1 last 4 at home, scoring 7G (4 came in one game)
8/8 on PK at home
Spezza (2G, 3A) during a 5 game PT streak
1-0-1 past 2 games, 2/11 on PP
scored 3 or fewer goals in all 5 games
0-1-1 on road, 9/13 on PK
Ribeiro, Green, Ward all have 1G, 2A over the past 2 games

Jets (3-1-1) at Canadiens (3-1-0) - 730PM
MTL was 3-1-0 vs WPG last season, 2-0-0 at home
MTL has won 3 straight at home vs WPG/ATL, allowing 4G
MTL 3-0-0 when they score first, WPG is 3-0-0 when their opponent scores first
won 3 straight, 5/17 on PP
2-1-0 at home (won 2 straight) 4/16 on PP
allowed 1G in 1st pd
PPG in every game (6/22, 27.3%)
Markov (4G) has scored in 3 straight games, has scored the GWG in each of MTL's wins
won 3 straight games, scoring 13G
longest win streak of last season was 4 games (once)
1-0-1 on road, allowing 3G, back to last season 3-1-2 past 6 on road 20/23 on PK
Kane (3G, 3A) during a 3 game PT streak

Stars (2-3-1) at Red Wings (2-2-1) - 730PM
DAL is 1-0-0 vs DET this season, winning a week ago in DET
DAL has gone 1-0-1 over their past 2 games in DET
1-1-1 past 3 games, 2/15 on PP
back to last season, 2-3-1 past 6 at home, scoring 2 or fewer goals in 5 of the games
have not scored in 1st pd this season
Zetterberg 1G, 4A during a 4 game PT streak
0-2-1 past 3 games, haven't won since game in DET a week ago
0/14 on PP on the road
Ryder had 2G vs DET last week
Goligoski (3) has an assist in 3 straight games
Jagr has 0PTS in 4GP since 2G, 2A in season opener

Panthers (1-4-0) at Lightning (4-1-0) - 730PM
TB was 4-1-1 vs FLA last season, winning last 4 meetings
TB has won 2 straight at home vs FLA and 3 of their past 4, scoring 11G over past 2
3-0-0 at home, 6/16 on PP
won 3 straight games, scoring 15G
Stamkos (3G, 7A) has a PT in all 5GP
0-2-0 on the road, 1/11 on PP
lost 4 straight games, outscored 18-3
Campbell(2) only player on FLA with more than 1G

Blue Jackets (2-3-1) at Wild (2-2-1) - 8PM
Teams split 4 games last season, CBJ winning final 2 meetings
CBJ have won 3 of their past 4 games in MIN
0-2-1 past 3 games, allowing 13G
2-1-0 at home, scoring 2G over the past 2 games
Parise (5G, 4A) has a PT in all 5 games
won last game, didn't win 2 straight until games 19-20 last year
took them until game 16 last year to win game 3
1-2-0 on the road, outscored 9-1 over past 2
Dorsett and Anisimov both have 1G, 1A over past 2 games

Ducks (3-1-0) at Sharks (5-0-0) - 1030PM
ANA was 5-1-0 vs SJ last season, 3-0-0 in SJ
ANA has gone 4-1-0 over past 5 games in SJ
Third team in NHL history to start 5-0-0 all wins by 2 or more goals
23G on the season 12 on the PP (12/32,37.5%)
outscored opponent 11-2 in 1st pd
Marleau (9) has scored in all 5 games
2-0-0 on the road, scoring 12G
leagues worst PK (63.2%, 12/19)
Winnik has 5G on season (4 have come on the road), had 8G in 84GP last season