Cross Checks: Erik Gudbranson

Morning Links: Day 75 of lockout

November, 29, 2012
  • Wild goaltender Josh Harding, 28, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but made it clear this will not end his career. (Star Tribune)
  • Trevor Linden, who served as NHLPA player president during the previous lockout, did not have any comment about the status of the current lockout: “I hate what is happening to the game, just like every fan does. But I’m just a fan now; I can’t offer any insights. ... But nothing I can say is going to help the sides reach an agreement. It isn’t my fight any more.” (Vancouver Sun)
  • The Jets and the NHL denied a report out of Boston that said Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs reprimanded a Winnipeg representative at a recent Board of Governors meeting. (Winnipeg Free Press)
  • Daniel Alfredsson said he hasn’t looked into playing in Europe yet, but will start looking into it in a couple of weeks. He added that insurance “is not an issue at all,” and the decision would be about making memories with his family. (Ottawa Sun)
  • P.K. Subban said he is better off being around his family and working on non-hockey life than playing in Europe and not having a Canadiens contract made it easier for him to stay home. (Montreal Gazette)
  • Panthers defenseman Erik Gudbranson was suspended by the Panthers after suffering a dislocated shoulder while wakeboarding with friends. (Sun Sentinel)
  • It is estimated that the Operation Hat Trick charity game organized by Scott Hartnell and Brad Richards raised more than $500,000. Richards also said "there's hope" that there will be another game. (
  • Red Wings goalies Jimmy Howard and Jonas Gustavsson find it difficult to stay sharp while just practicing with a small group of players in Michigan. (
  • Mathieu Darche is working to prepare for whenever the NHL season begins, but he realizes that his career might be over. (Montreal Gazette)

Morning Links: Injury updates

September, 10, 2012
CBA Talk:
  • The NHLPA sent a cease and desist letter to Habs ownership stating that Quebec's labor laws prevent them from being able to lockout the Canadiens' players, according to The Canadian Press.
  • Wild centre Zenon Konopka sat in on Friday's CBA talks and told the Ottawa Sun," A lot was said and a lot needs to be processed and I think it probably takes a day or two to think about it and come up with some new ideas."
  • Hurricanes defenseman Jay Harrison said the number of players expected to be in New York this week -- estimates are between 150 and 200 -- shows just how interested the players are in negotiations, according to The News & Observer. “It’s certainly not a publicity stunt. You’ve got 200 guys going because we’re interested and want to know as much as we can, Harrison said, according to the report.
  • After being part of the last lockout, Mike Ribeiro told The Washington Post the owners want the players to fix their mistakes again. "Last time, fans were on the players: ‘Oh, you guys are making so much money.’ Well, they gave it to me. They did the same mistakes [with large contracts] again and they want us to fix it again for them. It’s hard to understand,” Ribeiro said, according to the report.