Cross Checks: Postcards from Stadium Series

Postcard from Dodger Stadium

January, 26, 2014
Jan 26
An announced crowd of 54,099 filled Dodger Stadium to see Wayne Gretzky, KISS, beach volleyball and, of course, a hockey game.

Temperatures were around 63 degrees on a humid night, but the NHL-leading Ducks went on to a 3-0 win over the Kings in the first game of the Stadium Series.

Postcard from Yankee Stadium

January, 25, 2014
Jan 25
Saturday was the day for the players to get a chance to enjoy the experience of playing in an outdoor game.

The Rangers and Devils practiced in the Bronx on the eve of their afternoon Stadium Series game. They also got to bring their family and friends on the ice.

Unlike Saturday's Dodger Stadium game, there is no concern about it not being cold enough at Yankee Stadium on Sunday as the forecast calls for a high of 18 degrees.

Postcard from Dodger Stadium

January, 24, 2014
Jan 24
It was around 69 degrees on Friday night when the Kings got there first chance to try out the ice at Dodger Stadium.

The Kings practiced at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. local time) and the Ducks are scheduled to practice at 9:15 p.m. ET (6:15 p.m. in Los Angeles).

Saturday's game is scheduled to start at 9:30 p.m. ET, and the NHL's ice guru, Dan Craig, said the ice will be fine as long as temperatures drop to 50 degrees by the end of the first period.

During the day, the ice is covered by tarps to protect it from the sun.

Saturday's forecast is partly cloudy with a high of 76 degrees and a low of 48 degrees.