Martin Report: 'Not an athletic scandal'

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- A three-month long investigation into academic fraud at the University of North Carolina revealed that student-athletes weren't the only ones given added academic benefits within the school's African and Afro-American Studies department.

Rather, students at large benefited from anomalies specific to the department, such as unauthorized grade changes, forged faculty signatures on grade rolls and limited or no class time.

"This was not an athletic scandal," former North Carolina governor Jim Martin told UNC's Board of Trustees. "It was an academic scandal, which is worse."

The independent investigation, headed by Martin, shows that irregularities in the African and Afro-American Studies department went back further than an original probe revealed -- to fall 1997.

However, according to the report presented to the board Thursday, no academic misconduct or other anomalies were found outside the AFAM department.

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