Zellers have fun brotherly bond

ESPN.com's Dana O'Neil has a great story today about how freshman forward Cody Zeller has sparked Indiana's turnaround. But it also recalls some of the pranks the youngest Zeller has played on his brothers, including Tyler Zeller, North Carolina's senior forward.

For example, she writes:

On Facebook one day this past summer, Lorri's page read, "I'm so thankful for my boys, especially Tyler because he's adopted."

"I started getting all these messages, 'Oh, we didn't know Tyler was adopted.' Well, he's not," Lorri Zeller said. "I leave my Facebook page open, and Cody went in and wrote like it was me. I was just like, 'Oh my gosh, Cody.'"

Another one, also from the social networking world:

Cody once wrote on Twitter, "This year for Halloween, I'm thinking about wearing a #44 North Carolina jersey with big ears, a big nose and clown shoes."

Jokes aside (or maybe included?), the brothers are extremely close. They talk often, and compete at just about everything when they are at home (Tyler was even able to attend one of Indiana's games over the Christmas holiday).

Tyler Zeller said in a recent interview, though, that both he and Cody are glad UNC and Indiana didn't meet up this this season's Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

"He realizes that we can beat them. He'll admit that,'' Tyler insisted. "I think they would give us a run for our money; they're a very good team. Hopefully we would end up on top, though."

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