Harrison Barnes is finally on Twitter?

It sure looks like it.

The account @HBarnes offered a debut Tweet at 8:08 p.m. Tuesday, stating: “I gotta believe I'm the last person to sign up for twitter lol.”

And lest this be confused with the occassional fake Barnes accounts that showed up throughout the season, this one almost immediately got endorsed by his Tar Heels teammates.

From @_John_Henson_: “HARRISON IS ON TWITTER , I REPEAT HARRISON IS ON TWITTER!!!.FOLLOW @hbarnes hahahahha”

From @KButter5 (Kendall Marshall): “HB is now on twitter. @Hbarnes and yes, this is the real thing.”

From @D_Hubert14 (Desmond Hubert): “That’s crazy @Hbarnes finally cracked and got a Twitter.”

From @Lezz_McDonald2 (Leslie McDonald): "Go follow my boy @HBarnes !!!! and yes it's the REAL Harrison Barnes!"

While most of the Tar Heels players commented on everything from fans to eating spots this season, Barnes and senior forward Tyler Zeller were the lone holdouts. The sophomore wing said he didn't feel the need to put all of his thoughts out into the Twitterverse, but had promised teammates he would eventually considering joining.

Then Zeller (@zellertyler) signed up last week, making Barnes, as per his first Tweet, the final current Tar Heel, at least, to join the social networking website.

It took the first-team All-ACC selection, who is expected to be a lottery pick in June’s NBA draft, fewer than 12 hours to pick up more than 12,000 followers.

Tweeted @Real_BlueSteel (UNC’s walk-ons): “Hey, @HBarnes, we remember when we only had 10 K followers. #getsum #HBproblems”

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