Join the Notre Dame blog bracket challenge

It's that time of the year again. March Madness is right around the corner (technically, a few hours around the corner), so we must all test our knowledge of college basketball and vie for bragging rights in this space.

Picking by mascot? By school colors? By conference affiliation? (Remember, Notre Dame hoops is now a full member of the ACC, not the Big East, weird as that still is to type ...) Regardless, we're not here to judge, especially given our track records in these exercises.

The rules, as usual, are as follows: I create a group for loyal readers of this space, you guys make your picks and the winner takes home the top prize, which means you get to pen a post of your choice in this space right here. (With some editing -- if needed -- by yours truly, of course.)

You can join the group here.

Spring football returns to Notre Dame tomorrow, so be sure to get your picks in early, lest you get lost in the next month of pigskin mania.

Good luck. If history is any indication, we'll all need it.