Notre Dame mailbag

You guys all seem upset about something ...

Chris Hinckley from Dothan, Ala., writes: Hey Matt. Whats the latest update on Tyler Eifert's situation? Any word yet on if he's staying or going? I am hoping he stays. Thanks. Go Irish! and Happy New Year!

Matt Fortuna: Happy New Year to you, too, Chris. Eifert said after the Champs Sports Bowl he is still undecided. Notre Dame better hope he returns. With Michael Floyd out for much of the second half after suffering an upper-body injury during his touchdown catch, we may have received an early preview of what the Irish offense will look like next season without Floyd. If Eifert's not in there, either, that would be a big blow.

Dan from Nashville, Tenn., writes: why the hell did n.d. offensive coordinator or brian kelley call that pass play that fla. state intercepted in the end zone with 3 minutes left in the game? one of the dumbest moves i have ever seen. cant blame the qb for that. bigtime coaching void still at n.d.

Matt Fortuna: Dan, Kelly said afterward that Notre Dame was running a dig route with a post over the top. If the safety doubled the post route, Tommy Rees was supposed to hit the dig. The safety, Terrence Brooks, doubled the post route, Rees threw to the post and the rest is history.

Patrick from Wilmington, Ohio, writes: What is the matter with Kelly? 1st and goal from the 4 and he calls a pass play knowing rees' history in that situation! Wood should have been the choice!! Rees should never start another game under the gold dome!!!

Matt Fortuna: Another interception question? Oh, this is about a different one. To tell you the truth, I was more surprised in the third quarter, when Rees went in on the Irish's touchdown drive after several nice runs by Andrew Hendrix. His touchdown pass to Floyd probably could have been picked if not for a ridiculous play by Floyd, who will be missed.

Vincent Ryan from Robinson, Ill., writes: Do you see any difference between Brian Kelly, and Charlie Weiss? Everytime I watch the games, and I never miss a game, it's like how will we lose this one today. Do you see us N.D. fans ever again thinking try to beat us, good luck.

Matt Fortuna: You mean aside from the fact Weis has Dayne Crist and Kelly doesn't? To get to your point, though, yes I do. The latter years of the Weis era featured games this team was not even competitive in. There was hardly any defense. Kelly has done a much better job recruiting on the defensive side of the ball; now it's up to the offense to catch up and to stop turning the ball over. This team could have won 10 or 11 games this season. All of which is ironic, of course, considering Kelly came in with the rep as an offensive guy.