Looking at returning starters

Phil Steele recently broke down the returning starters for each FBS team in 2012, with Notre Dame coming in a 20-way tie at No. 44, with 15 total starters back among offense (8), defense (6) and special teams.

Boston College has the most among Irish opponents with 19 returning starters, good for fourth in the nation.

BYU, Oklahoma and USC each have 17 returning starters, good for 20th.

Purdue and Michigan tied at 29th with 16 apiece. Pitt tied with Notre Dame at 44th, while Michigan State and Stanford come in at No. 64, with 14 starters returning.

Navy, which has 13 returning starters, is 81st. Miami and Wake Forest are 96th with just 12 returning.

A couple other schools of note: Champs Sports Bowl opponent Florida State is one of the teams tied with the Irish at No. 44 with 15 starters coming back. Charley Molnar's new school, Massachusetts, is also tied for 44th.