Brian Kelly radio show recap

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- More than 90 minutes after practice Thursday, wide receiver TJ Jones took to Twitter to describe the sweltering conditions on campus two days before Notre Dame's season opener.

"My car thermometer just said 100 and its 7pm. #hurtin," the sophomore posted.

The combination of heat and the preseason progress of a top-10 freshman class will likely result in new faces taking the field earlier, head coach Brian Kelly said Thursday.

"I don't think it'll affect the offense, we've got to be really good at substitutions," Kelly said. "Some of those young guys gotta play early, when it's a lot hotter."

Kelly said Stephon Tuitt, Aaron Lynch, Troy Niklas, George Atkinson III and Cam McDaniel may all possibly play within the first dozen plays of Saturday's game against South Florida.

"Maybe sooner when the weather's like that," he added.

Kelly also said tackle Tate Nichols (dislocated left knee cap) was cleared to play Saturday but would be used only in an emergency situation.

Kelly again stated his plans for the heat later on his first of 12 weekly radio shows at Legends of Notre Dame. The second-year Fighting Irish coach mistakenly said he thought he was slated for 13 shows this season, and, when corrected, got the crowd fired up by saying show No. 13 would have to be "a BCS show, so to speak."

Other notes from Kelly's radio show:

  • Lou Holtz's wife, Beth, will be honored on behalf of her husband at halftime of Saturday's game. University provost Thomas Burish will join her.

  • Kelly, on Holtz's decision to root for his son Skip and South Florida over Notre Dame: "To rob Lou's line, it's not Lou. It's his wife would kill him if he didn't, so it's certainly, it's something that I would do."

  • Kelly was evasive when asked if more than one quarterback would play, saying: "We're not gonna do this 'quarterback in-and-out,' we're a one-quarterback team. If we think we need to when in the flow of the game, there are certainly a number of options for us."

  • On conditioning from Year 1 to Year 2: "Night and day. We did not have to worry about pushing our guys too far this year. Last year we could've broken them at any time, they weren't physically able to handle the volume of work."