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Where ND draft prospects stack up

April, 18, 2013
One week remains until Day 1 of the NFL draft, when a pair of former Notre Dame players are expected to hear their names called in New York. Figuring out Tyler Eifert's and Manti Te'o's destinations seems to get trickier by the day, as is the case with most prospects whose lives are about to change next weekend.

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. give it a try again this week, this time with a much more comprehensive package of items that try to better project the first three rounds.

McShay released his latest tier rankings , which group players according to ratings. Eifert is grouped with Tier 3, at No. 15 overall, while Te'o is a tier below, at No. 24 overall.

Mel Kiper Jr., meanwhile, released his "Grade A" draft , which acts in the best interest of each NFL team, with three rounds of picks per franchise . Kiper has Te'o going 15th overall to the New Orleans Saints, while he has Eifert going at No. 17 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Eifert remains at No. 12 on Kiper's 25-man Big Board , with Te'o dropping one spot to No. 18. Both players remain atop Kiper's rankings of top-five players by position , with Stanford's Zach Ertz coming in at No. 2 among tight ends and Georgia's Alec Ogletree the biggest threat to Te'o top spot at inside linebacker.

You can go against Kiper in the analyst's draft tool here , putting your spin on things and seeing the fallout that can have on the rest of the draft. Scouts Inc., meanwhile, has a board by both position and round that paints a bigger, clearer picture of draft day .
The Chicago Bears are the closest NFL franchise to Notre Dame, location-wise. Based on the fact that the Bears have the 20th overall pick in the April 25-27 NFL draft -- and on the fact that the Irish have two former players expected to go midway through the first round -- there seems to be a strong possibility of one of those players continuing his career just 90 minutes from South Bend, Ind.

That's certainly the vibe you get in looking at the latest mock drafts from Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay, who both released their fourth versions of first-round mocks this week. Kiper has Tyler Eifert going 17th to the Pittsburgh Steelers, with Manti Te'o landing three spots later in Chicago Insider.

McShay, meanwhile, has Eifert going to the Bears at No. 20, with Te'o getting scooped up five picks later Insider by the Vikings, where he would be in familiar company with all of the former Notre Dame players in Minnesota.

Eifert is up three spots to No. 12 on Kiper's 25-man Big Board Insider, with Te'o up three spots to No. 17.

Kiper says Eifert could add a new dimension to a Pittsburgh offense that loses Mike Wallace, while Te'o could end up a reliable long-term linebacker for a Bears team that currently has Lance Briggs, who turns 33 during the season.

Both players remain atop their position groups in Kiper's top-5s by position Insider, with Stanford's Zach Ertz trailing Eifert and Georgia's Alec Ogletree trailing Te'o.
Todd McShay released his latest mock draft Thursday, with this one going two full rounds.

Both Tyler Eifert and Manti Te'o see their names come off the board late in the first round, with Eifert going to the Chicago Bears at No. 20 and Te'o getting scooped up by the Denver Broncos eight picks later, at No. 28.

McShay thinks Eifert can help create mismatches and take the Bears' offense to the next level, despite the fact they just signed tight end Martellus Bennett, while he says Te'o would be a perfect fit for a Denver defense that is strong up front.

Elsewhere, both players remain on Mel Kiper Jr.'s 25-man Big Board, with Eifert moving up one spot to No. 15 and Te'o dropping three spots to No. 20 .

Kiper says Eifert has separated himself among tight ends and is an underrated blocker, while Te'o answered questions about his speed and has enough evidence on game film to show he can be an immediate impact player in the NFL from Day 1. Kiper says the first round seems now like a lock for the former Notre Dame linebacker.

Both players remain atop their position groups in Kiper's top-5 by position rankings , with Stanford's Zach Ertz and Georgia's Alec Ogletree again coming in at No. 2 at tight end and inside linebacker, respectively.
Tyler Eifert is moving up on Todd McShay's draft board and Manti Te'o is moving down, while both held the same spots this week on Mel Kiper Jr.'s Big Board.

McShay has Eifert up to No. 16 on his board , six spots higher than last time. Eifert is the only tight end on the 32-man board, as Stanford's Zach Ertz dropped out since last time. Te'o, meanwhile, has fallen three spots to No. 28, with McShay saying the former Notre Dame linebacker is trending down based solely on film.

Eifert and Te'o remain at No. 16 and 17, respectively, on Kiper's 25-man Big Board .

Both players again top their position groups on Kiper's top-fives by position , with Ertz and Georgia's Alec Ogletree giving each the biggest pushes for his top spot.
Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay released their latest thoughts on April's NFL draft, with both maintaining high opinions of the former Notre Dame players expected to go near the top of the draft.

Kiper has Manti Te'o up four spots to No. 17 on his Big Board , with Tyler Eifert chasing closely behind at No. 19, down one spot from the previous week.

In his Mock Draft 3.0, meanwhile, Todd McShay has both former Irish players getting their names called on Day 1 of the draft , with Eifert going to the New York Giants at No. 19 and Te'o capping the first round at No. 32, the Baltimore Ravens' selection.

As it relates to football matters, the speed issue has been the biggest question dogging Te'o, though he has benefited from other inside linebackers' sub-par performances at the NFL scouting combine as well. Eifert, meanwhile, seemingly solidified himself as the top available tight end with his performance last week in Indianapolis.

Both Eifert and Te'o are atop their positions on Kiper's top-five rankings by position , with Stanford's Zach Ertz and Georgia's Alec Ogletree trailing each, respectively, at No. 2.

Te'o, Eifert on Kiper's Big Board

February, 21, 2013
Manti Te'o and Tyler Eifert may have been first-round NFL draft picks had they declared following their junior seasons. Instead, they helped resurrect Notre Dame football by bringing it back to the national title game, and they are expected to cash in in two months.

Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. released his latest Big Board this week , with both former Irish players cracking the 25-man list. Te'o is listed at No. 14, down one spot from the previous Board, and Eifert has held steady at No. 22.

Both players also crack Kiper's top-five by position rankings , with Te'o trailing only Georgia's Alec Ogletree among inside linebackers and Eifert tops among tight ends. Kiper says Ogletree ranks higher than Te'o based on versatility, though Te'o is higher on the Big Board. Don't sleep on LSU's Kevin Minter, either, Kiper cautions.

Stanford's Zach Ertz makes a strong push on Eifert among tight ends, too.


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