Olson all for Pryor working with QB guru

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson has no issues with Terrelle Pryor's plan of heading to Los Angeles to work with quarterback guru Tom House over the bye weekend.

In fact, Olson said he’s the one who recommended to Pryor this past spring to seek out House, whose methods have been utilized by Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer and Tim Tebow.

“I thought, if you’re going to go with somebody, that’s the guy that I respect and believe in,” Olson said of House Wednesday, just before the players broke for their league-mandated four-day break.

“So, I’m perfectly fine with that.”

House is a former major league pitcher -- while sitting in the Atlanta Braves bullpen on April 8, 1974, he caught Henry Aaron’s record-breaking 715th career home run -- who is still a pitching coach at USC. His teachings on throwing mechanics have transcended the national pastime to the national obsession.

“I believe that I can throw the ball anywhere, at any time right now,” Pryor said before the Kansas City game, in which he threw three interceptions and was sacked 10 times.

“So even if I miss, I know how to fix it the next time if it comes back. The biggest thing too is short-term memory; when you do miss it, you don’t get down on yourself. You kind of talk to yourself and get ready for the next play.”

And while Olson is all for Pryor working on his mechanics, he also wants his young quarterback to take some time off. Mentally, and physically.

“He’s started six games now in his career, with a big 10-game stretch ahead,” Olson said. “But again, he’s very hard on himself, which is a good thing. But he’s also got to understand here, let’s take a deep breath, come back ready [and] renewed with more energy and ready to attack the last 10 games of the season here.

“Let’s go try and clean up some things, mechanically (with House), but also take your mind off it for a day or two, at least physically, and be ready to come back Monday when we get back together.”