Analysts chime in on Carr decision

I caught up with ESPN analysts Louis Riddick and Matt Williamson to get their thoughts on the Oakland Raiders’ decision to start rookie Derek Carr to see if they think he is ready for the task.

Both Riddick and Williamson see reasons for Oakland to make the move. It seems Riddick is more confident that Carr will have early success, while Williamson thinks Carr may need some more time to season. Let’s take a look at what they think:

Riddick: “(I’m) not surprised in the least with the way this turned out. Personally think many of the evaluations on Derek coming out of college were too limited in scope from an "exposure" perspective (how many really went back and watched tape of Carr in 2011 in a pro-style offense?), as well as not taking into account this kid's makeup. He was destined to win this job from the start.”

Williamson: “I think Carr looked very good in this past game in particular. Obviously, he has much more talent/upside than (Matt) Schaub. And frankly, I really think Schaub is done. He just can’t throw the football anymore and every DB in the league knows it. But without being in the facility every day, it is hard to judge where Carr is mentally. He has a massive transition in terms of scheme and speed of the game from college to the NFL and I didn’t like the way he dealt with pressure at the college level. Just wait until opposing defensive coordinators are game planning for him. But by all accounts, Carr is great “on the board” and is very football intelligent. Still, if it were me, I think I would start (Matt) McGloin, who I felt had a very strong preseason and then eventually ease Carr into it.