Oakland Raiders: Frank Caliendo

Impressionist Frank Caliendo stopped by ESPN.com’s NFL Nation TV Thursday and offered hilarious takes in different voices on the current state of the NFL, joining host Paul Gutierrez (Oakland Raiders reporter), co-host Coley Harvey (Cincinnati Bengals reporter) and Kevin Seifert (NFL national reporter).

Caliendo broke out many of his impressions, including his staple of staples, John Madden, and advised life-of-the-party rookie Johnny Manziel to keep on partying, in Madden’s voice, like Madden’s Raiders of the 1970s did as one of the league’s dominant teams of the era, both on and off the field.

Earlier in the day on ESPN Radio’s "Mike and Mike" show, Caliendo read LeBron James’ letter to the fans, his reason for returning to Cleveland, in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Caliendo shared some of it on the Spreecast as well.

Other NFL personalities Caliendo did impressions of included what is now his newest staple, Jon Gruden, while briefly taking the show into a Gruden family reunion and reminiscing on Harry Potter’s school of Hogwarts. He also did Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray.

Caliendo, who has had his own television show in the past, said he stopped counting how many voices he has in his repertoire, though it’s been reported he has at least 120 impressions, from former president George W. Bush to Mike Ditka, which he said is all about chewing gum and putting his index finger above his lip as a mustache. He wants to add a Peyton Manning impression, saying there’s some “Elvis” in the five-time NFL MVP’s voice.

And yes, Caliendo did some Charles Barkley while discussing how he comes up with ideas for impressions. Caliendo was on the show for 20 minutes.

Other topics discussed by Gutierrez, Harvey and Seifert included Ray Rice getting a reported two-game suspension, Tony Dungy’s recent assertion that he would not draft the openly gay Michael Sam because he would be too big a distraction, and a new home for the Raiders.

The show can be watched here:

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That's right, ESPN.com's "NFL Nation TV" normally airs live at 1 p.m. ET each Thursday, but we are taking a couple of extra days before this week's show.

That is because we will be joined Thursday by comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo, the man behind the hilarious Jon Gruden and John Madden impressions, among many others. So make sure you come back this Thursday at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT when Caliendo chats with and does impressions for "NFL Nation TV" hosts Paul Gutierrez (Oakland Raiders reporter), Coley Harvey (Cincinnati Bengals reporter) and Episode 15's other guest, Kevin Seifert (ESPN.com national NFL writer).

We'll have more Thursday on what we'll discuss, but you can bet topics of conversation likely will include Tony Dungy's comments on avoiding drafting Michael Sam, debates about where the Oakland Raiders should play, updates as training camps start, and the final result of NFL Nation's "Memorable Play" tournament. As always, viewers are encouraged to create a Spreecast account (it's free and easy) and log in and ask the panelists questions as well as contribute in the chat feature.

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