Fear not, stadium is on its way


GUADALAJARA -- Just four days before the inauguration of the Pan American Games on Oct.10, the track and field stadium will be delivered, according to the director of the Organizing Committee for the 2011 Pan American Games, Carlos Andrade Garin, who admitted there are details yet to finalize before the building is ready.

The track and field stadium will be the last one of the facilities to be concluded, all because it was the last one to start being built due to the difficulty in finding the ideal land for constructing the building. Nevertheless, the organizing committee hopes that it is completed and tested before the Pan American tournament begins.

"By Oct. 10, the track and field stadium will surely be delivered. There are some things missing, important things, but it is still within the timetable and will be ready.

"We’re doing well. The track and field stadium will be done in due time and proper form. It’s looking good and will be finished by October 10th at the latest. But a bit before then, a test will be run on the track. We must do this to test it and find out in what conditions it is before the Games," Andrade Garin said.

Thus, there is no margin for error, and the construction company in charge of the project is working 24 hours a day so that the stadium and its entrances are ready just four days before the start of the Guadalajara 2011 Games.

Andrade Garin was pleased that the rest of the buildings and sports facilities have been delivered and are ready, except for the rugby stadium, BMX and rowing and canoeing, but these buildings will be completed this very week.

"We are ready for the Games to begin. We are getting ready. Some things have longer to go than others, but everything will be completed on time," the director said. "The rest are easier; they’re done. I think next week at the latest, we will be dressing them all with equipment. We have even delivered many of them; rowing and canoeing are done. Volleyball, BMX are being finalized. Practically everything is done; the only thing missing is track and field."

For now, installation of the tartan track must be completed at the track & field stadium, besides placing the remaining roofing membrane, as well as painting part of the roof and facade.

Alejandro Pelayo covers the sports scene in Guadalajara for ESPNDeportesLosAngeles.com.