Questions about ESPN's journalism? Let the public editor know

As was noted in my initial column, there is no shortage of subjects for ESPN's public editor to address. Below the tier of major subjects, there are many smaller-but-still-important questions ESPN's consumers deserve to have answered. I've already received hundreds of these types of questions via various platforms. So, starting in January, I'll begin a monthly column addressing some of these queries.

So if you have questions about ESPN journalism, whether it relates to the quality of any of its broadcasts, the usability of its digital products or anything else you might want to know, feel free to send them to me via email, Twitter or Facebook.

If you're still unsure of the types of questions that fall into this category, here are a few examples out of what I've received:

  • Why does ESPN.com require a Facebook account to comment?

  • Why can someone only cancel ESPN Insider by phone?

  • Why do readers have to watch a 15-second video pre-roll ad before a 10-second video clip?

  • Now that Grantland is gone, where should readers go to find the best long-form journalism produced by ESPN?

I'm not looking for takes on some of the larger issues I'll soon be writing about -- the demise of Grantland, ESPN's coverage of Deflategate and its relationship with daily fantasy sports sites. I've received plenty of reader feedback on those issues. What I'm looking for are questions for which an answer might not warrant its own piece but would be helpful to ESPN's readers and viewers.