'No Hablo Español': Family is driving force for boxer Joseph Diaz

No Hablo Espanol with Boxer Joseph 'Jo Jo' Diaz (4:24)

Southern California's own Joseph Diaz sits down with host Danny Corrales in Los Angeles and they go over his upcoming fight. "Jo Jo" lays out his Mexican-American family is his inspiration and why he's the perfect guest for a show called "No Hablo Espanol (4:24)

Undefeated featherweight Joseph Diaz (19-0, 11 KOs), is stepping into the limelight of his first HBO premium bout against Puerto Rico's Jayson Velez (23-1-1, 16 KOs), but before that happens, he's making his debut on "No Hablo Español" in Los Angeles.

Host Danny Corrales questions the boxer, who grew up in South El Monte, California, on what motivates him in life and in his fighting career. It turns out Diaz focuses on his family and looks at his opponent as an obstacle to all that he wants to accomplish for those he loves.

"He's going to try to defeat what I want to be in life," Diaz, of Mexican-American heritage, explains.

Corrales and Diaz also share similar experiences in terms of growing up speaking English instead of Spanish. Corrales reveals the meaning behind the show's title, "No Hablo Español," is based partly on what has become a common statement for him from people who assume he speaks the language well. The two commiserate about how speaking Spanish at one point was considered a negative, when a generation focused on assimilation and learning English, but now, many expect all Latinos to be perfectly bilingual.

Finally, Corrales gets the scoop on the postfight celebration meals for Diaz. It turns out the fighter doesn't like to deny himself anything once he's finished a fight successfully.

Watch the show to find out exactly which foods are Diaz's favorites. Also, check out extended interviews in the "No Hablo Español" podcast archive.