Arizona plans a spring of fundamentals

Arizona begins spring practice this Friday and according to Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez, the Wildcats will "probably have the most different spring practice in the history of college football."

So, what exactly does he have planned?

Offensive players playing defensive positions? Yoga sessions to begin each day? Practices that happen from midnight to 2 a.m.?

Nope. All he means is that there won't be much (if any) scrimmaging happening for the Wildcats. The spring practices will have a focus on fundamentals and individual work with a bit of work on Arizona's scheme, but he's not expecting to have a spring game or a mid-point scrimmage.

"We don’t have a game for seven months," Rodriguez told Anthony Gimino. "So, the most important thing of spring is teaching them how to play, the fundamental part of it. There will be practices in the spring where we will have no team periods."

Rodriguez explained to Gimino that the Wildcats are making up for a bit of lost time since they didn't have a bye week to use during the 2015 season in which they could refocus on fundamentals. So, their spring practices will basically be a month's worth of those bye weeks and though fans won't get a spring game (or the excitement of calling a play at that spring game), Rodriguez is hoping that it all pays off when the product on the field next fall is more fundamentally sound.

Tucson.com's Michael Lev has you covered with a full schedule of Arizona's spring practice dates.