NFC champion to hold Super Bowl practices at Stanford


Stanford Stadium and the the nearby football practice fields, normally dormant in early February, will be far from quiet this coming February.

A week's worth of Super Bowl 50 events will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area leading up to the February 7 game at Levi's Stadium. The host committee has confirmed that the NFC champion will practice at Stanford for five days, while the AFC champion will set up shop at San Jose State.

Some interesting possibilities come to mind regarding that week of practice -- even if it still is more than half a year away and the selection of the participating team (the 2015 NFL season) is three months from beginning.

That being said, the Seattle Seahawks are the early favorites to be the NFC representative in the Super Bowl. And if that materializes, former Stanford players Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin would find themselves on their former practice fields in a contorted deja vu scenario: Pete Carroll would be coaching this time instead of Jim Harbaugh. Since Carroll was the hunted man back when Sherman and Baldwin practiced at Stanford last decade (with Harbaugh gunning to unseat USC), this would actualize one of those wacky parallel universe situations.

OK, enough daydreaming and on to some more links. There will be a full season's worth of college practices and games at Stanford before the Super Bowl participant even arrives, and Pacific Takes broke down the Cardinal's schedule, ranking the toughest opponents.

We dissected Stanford's nonconference slate here yesterday, and this site delved into the Cardinal-Northwestern season opener from the Wildcats' perspective.

It's still quiet time in Stanford's offseason, but the MLB Draft looms on June 8. David Shaw should find out if defensive back Zach Hoffpauir, who recently earned baseball All-Pac-12 honorable mention, will be on the 2015 football roster shortly after the June 10 conclusion of that event. Hoffpauir will have to decide whether to sign with a professional baseball team, and he has said that he plans to end his football career if he's offered a satisfactory baseball contract.