Let's clean up the fun in college football

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

First, read this.

Or here's the lead for those with short attention spans.

The NCAA football rules committee wants coaches to debate turning some dead-ball celebration penalties into live-ball fouls, which could result in taking points off the scoreboard.

This is good. Fantastic even. Genius.

I know all of us can agree on one thing: There's just too much fun in college football.

Celebrations? Bollocks!

Forget playoffs or more marquee inter-sectional matchups. What college football really, really needs is less emotion.

For golly gosh sakes, there's nothing worse in the world than a player jumping around after he made a good play. It's like he thinks he's playing an emotional game or something and should enjoy himself.

The nerve.

Moreover, we also all can agree on another thing: There are WAY too few flags in college football.

Let's hold up the flow of the game even more. The greatest play in college football, after all, is video of officials conferring.

And, even better, let's bring more judgment calls into college football. The inconsistency across officiating crews adds flavor to the game.

It's like Forrest Gump said: "College football officiating is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

And Forrest was a heck of a football player.

Just imagine: In next year's national championship game, USC safety Taylor Mays returns a fourth-quarter Tim Tebow interception 103 yards for a touchdown with 10 seconds left on the clock ...

... only the points get taken off the board because Mays raised his hands in celebration on the 10-yard line and then dove into the end zone.

The Gators repeat!

You know ... while we're at it ... let's go ahead make smiling a 15-yard penalty.

Or against the law.

Who's with me?