Wulff on Lobbestael

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Just got off the phone with Washington State coach Paul Wulff. Here's what he said about the arrest and suspension of quarterback Marshall Lobbestael:

"Just like any of our players who get arrested for [an alcohol offense]," Wulff said, "we suspend them immediately from all team activities until we gather all the information and they have the opportunity to sit in front of our Team Unity Council."

The Cougars Team Unity Council is a group of 16 players that helps police the team and recommends punishments.

Wulff said that Lobbestael's version of events is different than what has been reported.

"We've talked," Wulff said. "I've been trying to gather the facts and there just seem to be some conflicting things out there right now... Some things are out there that don't jibe."