Depth chart updates and more!

People often say to me, "Ted, you know so much. I, too, wish I knew a lot."

(Wait. No one has ever said that to me. But they probably should have.)

(OK. No, they shouldn't have).

Anyway. Today we shall share a secret: Official information.

Every week during the season, through the kindness of their hearts, each Pac-10 team -- the Pac-10, too, in fact -- prepares a news release. It includes notes and stats and, most important, an updated depth chart.

Say you wanted to know who Arizona's backup left guard is. You could write the Pac-10 blog and say, "Pac-10 blog, tell me who the Wildcats backup left guard is. And make it snappy, Tweedledum!" Or you could go here: Arizona's official weekly game notes. There you could make perhaps your first encounter with Chris Putton, a 295-pound redshirt freshman whom Mike Stoops seems to be high on.

So I'd suggest you bookmark this page. Of course, you may have already done so for your team. But say you wanted to know who Oregon's No. 3 tight end is before your team visits the Ducks. Then this page will be of great service. So look that one up yourself, lazybones (it's either Malachi Lewis or Brandon Williams).

Arizona: Which true freshmen made the two-deep? Official football page.

Arizona State: How are the Sun Devils addressing some short-term depth issues at DT? Official football page.

California: Are there some surprises in the Bears secondary? Official football page.

Oregon: With so many starters back, who made a leap in the pecking order? Official football page.

Oregon State: How does the Beavers starting offensive line shake out? Official football page.

Stanford: There are some surprises at TE for the Cardinal. Official football page.

UCLA: Who are the linebackers starting with Akeem Ayers? Official football page.

USC: Lots of surprises for the Trojans. Official football page.

Washington: Who won the job at offensive guard, defensive end and free safety? Official football page.

Washington State: How did things end up on the O-line and secondary? Official football page.

And the Pac-10. Just who is everyone playing? Official football page.