How hard is it for Oregon to go undefeated?

The Pac-10 blog loves nothing more than spirited debate, and I have a hunch this will inspire it.

It's an ESPN.com Insiders story on how hard it is for Boise State to go undefeated vs. other BCS schools doing the same. The story actually tries to mathematically quantify it, and it uses Oregon as a chief example for comparison.

The conclusion? Here you go:

In fact, this is rather amazing: if Boise played its current schedule twice (meaning they played the Virginia Tech Hokies twice in Landover, Oregon State twice, etc.), they'd have a 27 percent chance of going 24-0. That would still be better than the chances of Oregon, Ohio State, Alabama and Texas to go undefeated. If the Broncos played their schedule three times -- if they had to go 36-0, basically -- the likelihood of them running the table would be 14 percent.

So, the chances of Oregon going 12-0 in one season are roughly equivalent to the chances of Boise going 36-0 against its 2010 slate. That's how big the schedule gap is.

Wait! WAIT!

Let little ole innocent me get out of the way before you start biting each other's heads off.