Yards to glory: 'Southern Comfort'

August, 2, 2011
A football field is 100 yards long, and each yard marker has produced immortal memories in college football.

ESPN.com is looking at some of the most famous touchdowns in college football history for each and every yard marker, and Pooley Hubert's 61-yard touchdown pass to Johnny Mack Brown that cemented Alabama's 1926 Rose Bowl win against Washington is the choice at 61 yards.

You can check out "Yards to Glory" here.

And here's what Edward Aschoff wrote about the Crimson Tide breaking Huskies hearts.

61. Southern Comfort

Johnny Mack Brown seals Alabama win in Rose Bowl

Jan. 1, 1926: Alabama wasn't the first or even third choice for the 1926 Rose Bowl, and even after Alabama accepted the invitation, many thought bringing a team from the South would hurt the game's tradition. Alabama trailed Washington 12-0 at halftime but scored three touchdowns in the third quarter. Pooley Hubert's 61-yard touchdown pass to Johnny Mack Brown cemented Alabama's 20-19 victory and is considered by some to be the play that elevated Southern football.



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