Yards to glory: 'Silence is golden'

A football field is 100 yards long, and each yard marker has produced immortal memories in college football.

ESPN.com is looking at some of the most famous touchdowns in college football history for each and every yard marker, and Don Hudson's touchdown grab for Alabama in its 1935 Rose Bowl victory over Stanford is the choice at 46 yards.

You can check out "Yards to Glory" here.

And here's what Ivan Maisel wrote about the Crimson Tide breaking Stanford hearts.

46. Silence Is Golden

Don Hutson grabs long TD after miscommunication

Jan. 1, 1935: Late in the first half of the 1935 Rose Bowl against Stanford, Alabama coach Frank Thomas, nursing a 16-7 lead, sent end Don Hutson onto the field to tell quarterback Joe Riley to run the ball. However, NCAA rules didn't allow players entering the game to speak until one play elapsed. Riley, seeing his All-American teammate, assumed Thomas wanted a long pass. The first of Hutson's two long scoring catches sealed Alabama's 29-13 victory.