Edwards: Oregon to Rose, Stanford Fiesta

ESPN BCS guru Brad Edwards doesn't project Oregon reaching a second consecutive national championship game, but he does project the Pac-12 getting two BCS bowl teams for a second-consecutive season.

Edwards sees Oregon ending up in the Rose Bowl as the Pac-12 champion -- playing Big Ten champion Wisconsin -- and Stanford ending up in the Fiesta Bowl as an at-large selection opposite Oklahoma.

But Stanford fans might want to root against Big Ten teams Nebraska and Michigan, who are solid at-large competition.

Oh, and if Oregon does make the BCS title game, Stanford would then step into the Rose Bowl against the Big Ten champion.

Here's what Edwards says about potential Ducks' opponents in the Rose Bowl:

I still think that Wisconsin will win out to claim the Big Ten Leaders title and then beat the Legends champ to earn the league's Rose Bowl bid. Michigan is my pick this weekend against Nebraska, but the Wolverines don't have any shot at winning the conference. The Spartans would have to lose both of their remaining games -- home vs. Indiana and at Northwestern -- for that to happen, but Nebraska's head-to-head win over MSU does give the Huskers a chance if they win out and Sparty stumbles.

And here's what Edwards says about Stanford ending up in the Fiesta Bowl:

Boise State's loss to TCU ensures that a non-BCS conference school will not be chosen here, meaning that after the Cardinal the only real possibility is a two-loss Big Ten team that doesn't make the Rose Bowl. That's why Wisconsin is no longer an option (it's Roses or bust for the Badgers), and Michigan and Nebraska are. I think the Wolverines will win when the two teams face off this weekend, and if they do and then beat Ohio State the following week, a BCS bid is a realistic possibility.

So Stanford fans probably want Michigan and Nebraska to both lose a game, a desire that will be partially taken care of when those two play Saturday.