More thoughts on Oregon's Todd Doxey

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

George Schroeder of the Register-Guard in Eugene, Ore., does a fine job here of describing the scene at the memorial service for Oregon redshirt freshman Todd Doxey, who drowned over the weekend.

This really hit me from Schroeder's column:

Will Wallace, another close friend and teammate, told of sitting in a dorm room with Doxey "talking about life and how you can't take nothing for granted. Wallace stopped short, and when he started again, his voice quivered: "We can't take nothing for granted now, because he's gone.

Wallace was at the river and apparently was the last person to speak to Doxey.

Wallace was standing next to Doxey just before he leaped off the Marcola Road bridge. On Tuesday evening, Wallace told how Doxey turned to him and said, "Let's say a prayer real quick." When they finished, Doxey told his friend: "God is on my side."

And he jumped.

I get a feeling that Wallace is going to need a lot of patience and support over the coming weeks.