It's media day!

Know what today is?

Yes, you're right, it's System Administrator Appreciation Day. A happy C:Dos-Run to you all.

But it's also Pac-12 media day!

Ted and I are in Culver City at Sony Pictures Studios for all the festivities. The timing is actually really convenient since we're also shooting our buddy-cop film: "Badges and Blogs," set to release in the fall of '26. Get this: I play a very clean, organized cop who is a stickler for the rules. Ted, however, is ... wait for it ... very messy, unorganized and plays by his own rules. Killer premise, right?

But more on that later; our focus is what's going on today. We'll be running a live chat throughout the day, including the podium sessions. Again, here's the schedule:

Enjoy the official, unofficial start of the 2013 season.