Cal's Riley leaves the game

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Nate Longshore might have retaken the California quarterback job, though not in a way anyone would have wanted.

Kevin Riley appeared to get his bell rung on a scramble in Oregon territory with three minutes left in the first quarter, bringing in Longshore.

Riley started slowly -- his first pass was an interception, which set up Oregon's only touchdown -- but he caught fire before he went down. After missing his first three passes, he completed 7 of 9 for 80 yards with a touchdown.

Longshore came in cold but immediately converted on a fourth-and-14 and Cal had second-and-goal from the Ducks 5 when the first quarter ended.

Cal leads 9-6 but is down 2-0 in turnovers. Here's something we wrote previewing the game this week.

In [Tedford's] seven years at Cal, the Bears are 31-3 when winning the turnover battle and 12-18 when losing. In Pac-10 games, the difference is even more decisive: 20-1 vs. 6-16. Cal lost the turnover battle in each of its six losses in 2007.

Yet sometimes trends reverse themselves.

Here's why in the first quarter: Cal is 5-for-7 on third-down conversions and 1 for 1 on fourth down.