Pac-12 wants to reduce number of late kickoff times

Following the Pac-12 meetings in Phoenix at the beginning of the month, the conference and Pac-12 Networks have reached agreements on a few interesting topics, including court/field storming ($25,000 for first offense, $50,000 for the second, and $100,000 for the third), eSports (which will begin during this upcoming school year) and student-athlete time demands.

However, for the typical Pac-12 football fan, one of the biggest issues over the past few seasons has been the number of night games played.

According to the release, Pac-12 presidents and chancellors approved a recommendation from the Pac-12 Council to modify its TV agreements with ESPN and FOX Sports in order to reduce the number of Pac-12 Networks games that kick off at 7 p.m. local time or later. With the changes made, games can now kick off at 2:30 p.m. or 6 p.m., reducing the number of night games by as many as four.

"The increased exposure and revenue from our contract with ESPN and FOX Sports has been instrumental to our success," Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens said in the release, "but we continue to work hard to minimize as much as possible the negative impact late start times have on our fans who travel great distances to see our teams in person."